CSD Wellness Policy

  • The City Schools of Decatur Wellness Policy was created to improve the lives of our students and staff. CSD believes that success extends beyond academic achievement and in developing the whole child to become responsible, life-ready, global citizens.


    The City Schools of Decatur is committed to fostering holistic growth and development for every student and one of its initiatives is to improve student success and well-being by creating and fostering a culture of wellness that results in healthy behaviors among students, staff, and the district’s community. 


    City Schools of Decatur recognizes that social, emotional, and physical wellness as well as balance between school and personal life of students and staff is vital to student success, growth, development, and productivity and will strengthen the District’s leadership commitment to wellness approaches as integral to all decisions impacting student success.


    The current Wellness Policy was approved on 5/11/21. It is located on this page for the public to view. We will allow for public comment from 5/13/21 - 6/13/21. Please email meals@csdecatur.net with your thoughts, concerns, and ideas for improvement at the district level. The policy will be open for further ammendments during the 2021-2022 school year.