About Dr. Maggie Fehrman

Dr. Fehrman
  • On July 1, 2021, Maggie Fehrman, Ph.D., began her tenure as the Superintendent of the City Schools of Decatur (CSD). Dr. Fehrman previously served as City Schools of Decatur Executive Director of Schools and Assistant Superintendent from 2018 - May 2021, and Interim Superintendent from May 2021-June 2021.

    Dr. Fehrman began her career in education as a social studies teacher at Summerour Middle School in 2000 before transitioning to administrative roles as assistant principal then principal at Bay Creek Middle School from 2009-2018 in Gwinnett Public School System.

    Her accomplishments as Assistant Superintendent includes providing strategic guidance to 10 principals and supporting them in building and sustaining strong schools, establishing the CSD Leadership Academy for future district leaders, overseeing the implementation of the District Improvement Plan to drive student achievement, and closing the education gap within the district, and leading CSD throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Dr. Fehrman also serves on numerous boards and civic organizations in the Atlanta-Metro and Decatur communities including, Decatur Education Foundation, Georgia State Principal Center, DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency, and Learn 4 Life.  

    As Superintendent of City Schools of Decatur, she will consistently focus on achieving these important goals:

    • Equitable outcomes from students
    • Practice financial stewardship
    • Enhance stakeholder engagement
    • Increase transparency and communication throughout our community

    Dr. Fehrman earned her bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Secondary Education from Clarion University in 2000. She earned her Master of Education and Education Specialist degrees from Georgia State University in 2005 and 2007, focusing on educational leadership.   In 2013, she went on to earn her doctorate in Educational Policy Studies at Georgia State University with a focus on Research, Measurements, and Statistics.  

    Dr. Fehrman is a native of Pittsburgh, PA. She and her husband, Joel, live in Atlanta, GA, with their two rescue Doberman Pinschers named Gigi and Caesar and their foster Doberman, Dilly. 

    Dr. Maggie Fehrman has a passion for doing what is best for ALL children, and this philosophy is deeply ingrained in the work she does each day to serve the students of the City of Decatur.



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