• We look forward to welcoming many of our students back to Renfroe Middle School and Decatur High School. 

    These are tough decisions for everyone, and we ask that you think carefully about the best choice for your family and your Middle or High School child (or each child if you have more than one). Please log into the Parent Portal to make your selection for your Middle and High School students (see the directions to the Learning Choice Portal below).  You will be able to see all the students in your household, please only log choices for your middle and high school students.  You will be able to see the choices already in play for your elementary school students. Do not make any changes for the elementary students.

    The sooner you respond, the sooner we can finalize our plans; please make it a priority to respond as soon as possible.  Anyone who does not respond by February 24th will default to continue virtual learning.  


    Directions How to use the Learning Choice Portal:

    • Video Directions
    • Written directions:
      • Go to Parent Portal
      • Click more, then click  “Learning Choice Portal”
      • You will see all the students in your household with a drop down containing the two learning choices.  Select the learning choice for each  Middle and High School student, then click the green save button at the bottom.  Do not change the choices for Elementary students.
      •  You will see the green “Selection Saved button” to know you are done.