• Mask

    • All students and teachers must wear a mask at all times.


    • Teachers should actively monitor students sanitizing the equipment before and after each use. 
    • Teachers should actively monitor students sanitizing computer monitors, keyboards, and mice at the start and end of each class period.


    • Doors to the lab or classrooms should be open at the beginning of each period to ensure that students are not required to touch doors and can remain open during the instructional period.
    • Consider activities that require limited or no equipment.
    • Consider activities that do not require student movement out of their assigned spaces
    • Incorporate stations, circuits, zones to reduce the amount of close contact between students. 


    • Students should plan to use the restroom by asking the teacher for permission during class.  
    • When using the restroom, students should use the nearest available location. 


    • Hand sanitizer is readily available in the classroom.