• Sanitation

    • Students will wash/disinfect their hands before and after physical education class.


    • If weather permits, class should be conducted outside as much as possible. Identify multiple locations outside so you can adapt to conditions. 
    • Doors to the gym or classrooms should be open at the beginning of each period to ensure that students are not required to touch doors.  
    • Consider activities that require limited or no equipment.
    • Incorporate movement activities that can be performed while maintaining appropriate spacing between students. 
    • Incorporate stations, circuits, zones to reduce the amount of close contact between students.

    PE Restroom and Locker Usage

    • NO locker rooms will be used for PE class. 
    • Students should plan to use the restroom by asking the teacher for permission during class.  
    • When using the restroom, students should use the nearest available location.  
    • Students should avoid using bathrooms during class transitions to avoid crowding except in emergencies.  
    • Each bathroom will be marked with its maximum capacity.  If a student enters and finds the maximum number of students already present, the student should wait in the hallway for someone to exit. 
    • Students should remain socially distanced in line while waiting.