• Appointments/Meetings with Counseling and Support Services

    • Group Sessions remain virtual (Jr. Conferences, Info Nights, Counseling Groups, 504 meetings, MTSS Meetings)
    • Individual Meetings will be done via Google Meet.

    Appointment Process

    • There will be 1 form with a QR code for Student Support that will take students to a website with links to the counselor meeting request form, the Voice Box, and all of the Registrar and Administrative Asst forms.
    • Forms will be located in each classroom and in key hallway locations.
    • The student and teacher will receive an email when the appointment is confirmed.

    Room Set-Up

    • The student will report to the Student Center for their room assignment
    • 4  private enclosed rooms in the Decatur Student Center (C228) will be booked by appointment shared by 15 counselors, therapists, and GSU interns.
    • Rooms will have a desktop and cleaning wipes.  Signage will instruct students to clean the computer surfaces before and after their appointment.