• Arrival

    We will: 

    • place markings to indicate the flow of movement
    • stagger student release off buses
    • All doors The following entrances will be open from 8:25 - 8:40 AM to eliminate as much door touching upon entry as possible 
      • Commerce Dr. entrance near Learning Commons
      • McDonough Dr. entrance near Attendance Office
      • College Ave. entrance near Career Academy
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be positioned at each entry to encourage sanitizing hands upon entry
    • No locker access for students

    Attendance Office

    • Students will not stop at the attendance office for tardy slip up.  Students arriving to school between 8:35 - 8:45 AM will be marked tardy by the classroom teacher.  Students arriving after 8:45, will be marked tardy by Mr. Scott. 
    • Late arrival: Parents will ring the buzzer, give the student name and reason for late check-in.  Mr. Scott will record and buzz students in to go straight to class.  You can verify tardy by checking your daily attendance in Infinite Campus.  It should reflect there.

    Check-Outs & Dismissals

    • Early Check-Out:  Parents will buzz the attendance office from McDonough entrance.  Mr. Scott will inquire about their pick up, ask parents to stand outside the doors to ensure social distancing should someone else arrive, and verify ID of the person picking up.  Mr. Scott will call the class for the student to be dismissed.  Students will only be dismissed if teacher is contacted by Mr. Scott.
    • End of Day Dismissal:   We will do a staggered dismissal.  Bus riders will be dismissed first to walk to the bus loop.  Non-bus riders will leave the building out of the closest exterior door as soon as they are dismissed. 


    • Teachers will develop seating charts in every class to help with contact tracing if needed.
    • The number of students in each class will be limited in order to provide the ability to be socially distant. 

    Flow of Movement

    • Where possible, we will have markings around campus to help increase social distancing.  
    • We will place helpful floor and wall reminders around campus.
    • DHS will have a one-way flow pattern for hallways during class changes.  All students must follow this flow pattern. Staggered release of classes may also be used to manage hallway flow.


    • Staff: Use staff bathroom on your floor; wipe down high touch areas when done
    • Students should plan to use the restroom by asking the teacher for permission during class.  
    • When using the restroom, students should use the nearest available location.  
    • Students should avoid using bathrooms during class transitions to avoid crowding except in emergencies.
    • Students may use the restroom at any time during their lunch period, including transitions, and should plan to wash their hands before and after meals.
    • Each bathroom will be marked with its maximum capacity.  If a student enters and finds the maximum number of students already present, the student should wait in the hallway for someone to exit. 
    • Students should remain socially distanced in line while waiting.


    • Three people in the mailroom/workroom at a time for the purpose of making copies only. Please do not leave any papers behind.  Be quick and efficient, others may be waiting to enter.

    Teachers' Lounge

    • No more than two people in the lounge at a time for the purpose of retrieval and warming food.  Please do not leave anything behind for others to clean, including spillage.  Be quick and efficient, others may be waiting to enter.  No sitting in this area to eat. 
    • We will not use shared utensils, coffee makers, etc.  All those things will be removed.