• CSD Safety Manual

    Staff Daily Screener

    • Prior to entering any CSD facility, all CSD Staff must complete the Daily COVID-19 Screening Self-Check Form. Staff can access the screening document directly through the CSD staff portal or by scanning the QR code found at each entrance.

    CSD Employees

    • CSD  employees and students will only be permitted into the school building.  Each day, each employee must complete the COVID form via computer or by scanning QR code on signage at each entrance.

    Visitors and Parents/Guardians

    • Until further notice no visitors are permitted in CSD schools unless on official CSD business. There will be no parent volunteers allowed in the building at this time. 
    • If any visitors are deemed necessary by the location supervisor, these visitors must also complete the CSD Self-Screener Form and follow all safety protocols outlined in the CSD Covid-19 Safety, Facilities, and Healthy Schools Manual.

    On/Off Campus Field Trips

    • We will pursue virtual activities and events in lieu of field trips, assemblies, special performances, and school-wide parent meetings until further notice.  Walking field trips will be considered by the Principal on an individual basis.

    Food Pick-Up

    • Families participating in virtual learning will continue to have the option to pick up lunch from our school.  Pick up will occur from 11:00 AM -12:00 PM from the Commerce Drive entrance.  Our nutrition staff will coordinate and handle all these pick-ups.  There will be no entry to the building.  Adults should grab and go and should not stop to have other interactions or conversations.


    • We will attempt to schedule all deliveries either before or after school.