All information regarding CSD's learning choice plan update beginning April 12, 2021 may be found HERE.


    As you know, we are looking forward to the final phase of learning, beginning April 12th. We will be bringing several students back to campus. If you are a family who has chosen to remain virtual, please know that we are committed to ensuring that your student continues to have an engaging and excellent Glennwood education in the virtual space. The only shift for our virtual learners will be a smaller class size.


    For our new in-person families who will be returning as of April 12th, please carefully read the important information below to ensure the return to school is as smooth as possible. (If you have already had a child attending in-person, you do not have to fill out the arrival/dismissal form again.) 


    Arrival and Dismissal Plans: Please complete this form indicating how your child will be arriving and leaving school. We strongly encourage families to keep plans as consistent as possible to support a smooth transition to and from school each day (if you have already been in-person, you do not need to complete this form again unless you are making a change!). Please remember that all individuals on school grounds must wear a mask that fits snugly over the mouth and nose.


    Your in-person teacher as of April 12th will contact you with any supplies, etc needed for the return. For schedules and other information, please review the Return to In-Person Procedures on our website under the Reopening Plans tab. Also, please watch the video below welcoming your child back to in-person learning. The video provides helpful visuals for procedures they will need to know how to navigate when they return on April 12.