Mitigation Overview

Face Coverings


  • The Facilities Department implemented new technology to prepare classrooms for face to face learning. The improvements are as follow:

    • Electrostatic Fogger Machines are available in all schools and inside each bus.
    • Hand Sanitizer, disinfecting sprays, paper towels, and disposable face coverings are available in all schools and classrooms.
    • Increased disinfection frequency in high touch areas.
    • Installed water sensor drinking stations in all schools.
    • Scheduled daily circulation of water in unoccupied buildings.
    • HVAC units were adjusted to increase outside air and run continuously during occupancy.
    • GPS HVAC Ionizers were installed in all schools.
    • Air purifiers in all classrooms and large group areas.
    • School public health signage placed throughout each school.

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Contact Tracing

  • School nurses will lead the contact tracing process with the support of school administrative assistants. Nurses have completed the John Hopkins contact tracing training. Administrative Assistants have also completed contact tracing training. Contact tracing training covers confidentiality and privacy concerns, rapport building, and interviewing to identify cases, contacts, and to provide information to reduce transmission. In addition to current staff members, we have a School Health Aide to support DHS.