Student Services

  • The Department of Student Services provides assistance to students, staff, and families through evaluation and analysis (school psychologists) and academic support (Title I).  The department also delivers prevention and intervention services (school counseling and social work) and addresses the needs of homeless students and families through the McKinney-Vento Act.  The Student Success Center, housed at Decatur High School, provides an array of services for students and utilizes both CSD and community service providers.  

Contact Us

  • Lillie Huddleston
    Associate Superintendent of Equity and Student Services
    Job at a glance: Making sure students are safe, seen, and successful.
    404-371-3601 x 1026

    Dianne Acuna (Thompson) Andree
    Student Success Director
    Job at a glance: I connect students to success!

    Benjamin Knaebel
    Coordinator of Section 504 and School Psychology
    Job at a glance: I keep us sane!
    404-371-3601 x 1062

    Shonda Moore
    School Health Coordinator
    Job at a glance: Nursing is not what I do. Nursing is who I am.  When it counts, I am the calm at the center of the storm.
    404-371-3601 x 1062