Equity and Student Support

  • In City Schools of Decatur, we are committed to aligning educational practices, policies, and resources to ensure that all students have access to and feel welcome to participate in high-quality learning experiences, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, ability, religion, sexual orientation, linguistic diversity, or other cultural characteristics.


    Consistent with the District’s Strategic Priority to Reduce Disproportionality, the Department of Equity and Student Support is committed to understanding the root causes of disproportionality in CSD, providing input on discipline policies and practices and culturally relevant pedagogy, engaging faculty and staff in cultural awareness and cultural proficiency professional learning activities, and strengthening family and community partnerships.


    The Department also provides assistance to students, staff, and families through health services (nurses), evaluation and analysis (school psychologists), and academic support (Title Programs). The department also delivers prevention and intervention services (school counseling and social work) and addresses the needs of homeless students and families through the McKinney-Vento Act. The Decatur Student Center, housed at Decatur High School, provides an array of services for students and utilizes both CSD and community service providers. The Department also provides high interest, exceptional quality and well-managed athletics and activities to all students in City Schools of Decatur.

Important Events!

  • Beyond Diversity Community Seminar - September - Date TBA

    A powerful, personally transforming, two-day seminar that helps teachers, students, parents, community members, and administrators understand the impact of race on our lives, our work, and our learning. It models and teaches a protocol for discussing race in ways that are productive, insightful, and generative. Contact the Decatur Education Foundation for more information.


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  • Beyond Diversity CSD Employee Seminar - Sept 23 & 24

    This particular seminar, sponsored by City Schools of Decatur, gives the employees of CSD an opportunity to do the internal work of having Courageous Conversations about race.


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  • Great Stories Program: Program and Panel Discussion - Aug 27 4:30-6pm

    This event uses powerful literary stories of oppression, resistance, suffering, and triumph to identify the roots of racialized experiences today and to discuss how to construct more equitable futures. This event includes a "registration" for students and parents interested in participating in Great Stories, a community lecture by Dr. Nia Reed (Georgia State University, CDC), and a panel discussion. Where: DHS Library Learning Commons Theatre

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Contact Us

  • Executive Director of Equity and Student Support
    Dr. Lillie Huddleston
    404-371-3601 x 1026


    Student Success Coordinator
    Dianne Acuña (Thompson) Andree


    Equity Coordinator
    Dr. Mari Ann Banksred megaphone
    404-371-3601 x 1029 


    Coordinator of 504 and School Psychology
    Benjamin Knaebel

    404-371-3601 x 1062


    Administrative Assistant for Equity and Student Support

    404-371-3601 x 1032


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