Equity and Student Services

  • Consistent with the District’s Strategic Priority to Reduce Disproportionality, the Department of Equity and Student Services is committed to understanding the root causes of disproportionality in CSD; providing input on discipline policies, practices, and culturally relevant pedagogy; engaging faculty and staff in cultural awareness and cultural proficiency professional learning activities; and strengthening family and community partnerships. 


    The Department also:

    • Provides assistance to students, staff, and families through health services (nurses), evaluation and analysis (school psychologists), and academic support (Title Programs).
    • Delivers prevention and intervention services (school counseling and social work).
    • Addresses the needs of homeless students and families through the McKinney-Vento Act and supports the Decatur Student Center, housed at Decatur High School.
    • Provides high interest, well-managed activities of exceptional quality to all students in City Schools of Decatur.


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