Opening 2020 Information

  • We will share all of our communications regarding opening schools as well as information we receive from federal, state, and local officials on this page. Please use to contact the CSD team leading the planning teams. We will continue to update this page as we receive new information.

Our Approach

  • As a school system, all of our decisions are focused on doing what is best for our students. As we navigate through this unprecedented situation and make plans for how we will welcome staff and students back in August, it is critical that we find a balance between mitigating the spread of the virus within our school community and the potential harm that school closures have on the mental and physical wellbeing of our students.   

    When plans are finalized, district-wide communication will be sent to all stakeholder groups. When a decision is reached, we must be ready to adjust quickly and implement alternative plans depending on orders that our state and local governments issue.  


  • Please take a moment to respond to the survey regarding the Fall 2020 Scenarios. Most parents were emailed a survey on June 23, and we ask parents to use the link they were sent to respond. Households that did not receive an emailed survey link, or that wish to submit the survey multiple times to provide different responses for different children in the home, may use this generic link. The information submitted in the survey will be valuable to the teams working to understand the concerns of our community better and to make decisions about the final plans and processes for going back to school.  The survey closes at 8 am on July 6. Our teams will analyze the data and comments submitted and make decisions and possible adjustments to the scenarios.


  • Digital Learning: CSD educators from all levels are researching and developing a comprehensive digital learning plan. The team is analyzing the data from the digital learning survey, evaluating plans from other school systems, and developing plans for training and implementation for a digital learning option. 


    School Health: CSD Registered Nurses are essential members of pandemic preparedness, re-opening and re-entry planning teams. The role of the school nurse is more critical than ever as they are charged with maintaining the health of the school community. Our school nurses specialize in pediatric and family medicine, public health, emergency medicine, critical care, mental health, and legal nurse consulting, etc.

    Current standards of practice are evolving for the care of students during the COVID-19 pandemic. CSD registered nurses are staying abreast of current research and adjusting response protocols. Our School Health Team is focused on:

    • Creating safe screening procedures for staff and students
    • Promoting safe and timely post-COVID19 return to school

    • Managing procedures that can increase the risk of COVID-19 through spread of aerosolized particles.  This includes students who may require nebulizer treatments for asthma exacerbations, etc.

    • Planning for and managing care of suspected COVID-19 cases while protecting the school population from exposure 

    • Providing care to students requiring daily nursing intervention to manage chronic illnesses while preventing exposure to possible COVID-19 cases

    • Supporting physical distancing, hand & respiratory hygiene, and proper use of face masks

    • Training and educating staff and students regarding safe and healthy practices to prevent germ transmission


    Health and Science Advisory Committee: Community volunteers with backgrounds and expertise in biology, medicine, epidemiology, public health, among others. This group is evaluating available research to help determine how to best mitigate the spread of the virus while balancing the potential negative impact not being in school has on students.  


    Students with Special Needs: This team will review how schools will meet the individual needs of students, including how we provide counseling services, MTSS supports, IEP and 504 requirements, gifted and talented services, ESOL, EIP, and other services.


    Operations: The CSD operations team, in conjunction with the teams above, is working to implement best practices for all areas of school operations, including but not limited to cleaning and disinfecting, serving meals, transportation, and upgrading HVAC units. For additional information about what our operations team is already putting in place, please visit


    Staff Support: The Staff Support department is reviewing the CARES Act and how to best support our staff as they return to our school buildings.  


  • Dr. Maggie Fehrman, Assistant Superintendent
    Dr. Lillie Huddleston, Executive Director of Equity and Student Support
    Eston Melton, Executive Director of Information Services
    Dr. Kristy Beam, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    Sergio Perez, Executive Director of Facilities and Operations

    Shonda Moore, District Lead Nurse