Senior Homestead Exemption

  • Thank you for visiting the website for the Senior Homestead Exemption Steering Committee. Here you will find more information surrounding the City Schools of Decatur's current Senior Homestead Exemption, which sunsets in 2021, and information on the work of the Steering Committee. 



    On Thursday, May 13, Board Chair Tasha White and DeKalb County Schools Board Chair Vickie B. Turner hosted a joint press conference with DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond and leaders of the DeKalb County House and Senate Delegation to celebrate the passing of Senate Bill 293 after several years of negotiations to preserve funds for the students and families of DeKalb County and the City of Decatur. Senate Bill 293 provides for DCSD to receive an amount equal to all ad valorem taxes for educational purposes collected on property zoned for commercial use or that portion of a mixed-use property where the primary use is commercial within all annexed areas.


    In relation to SB 293, resolution HR 222 sponsored by Rep. Victor Anderson creates a Study Committee on Annexation and Cityhood. The committee will be composed of five members of the House, who will be appointed by the Speaker and will be dissolved on December 1, 2021. The findings and recommendations of this study committee will likely result in the introduction of legislation in the 2022 legislative session. (Press Release)

Steering Committee

  • As provided for in the Board Resolution, the steering committee members are chosen by various groups.

    The Steering Committee consists of nine members, as follows:

    1. A parent member of the CSD System Charter Leadership Team: Meg Robinson
    2. A member chosen by the Decatur City Commission: Bill Floyd
    3. A member chosen by the Decatur Lifelong Community Advisory Board: Maria Pinkleton, Board Chair, Lifelong Community Advisory Board
    4. A member chosen by the Decatur Affordable Housing Coalition: Paula Collins, Chair, Affordable Housing
    5. A member chosen by the Beacon Hill Black Alliance for Human Rights: Phil Cuffey, Representative, Beacon Hill Black Alliance for Human Rights; Chair, Beacon Hill Equity in Housing Committee; Member, DeKalb Affordable Housing Coalition
    6. A member chosen by the Decatur Business Association: Dr. Shelia Payton, Chiropractor in the City of Decatur
    7. An expert in municipal finance and policy chosen by the Board: Gwin Hall, Senior Associate General Counsel, Georgia Municipal Association
    8. An expert in tax law chosen by the Board: Hans Utz, Tax Exemption subcommittee
    9. A senior resident chosen by the Board: Elizabeth Wilson, City of Decatur Mayor Emerita

    The work of the committee is facilitated by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Senior Homestead Information and Meetings


Videos of Past Senior Homestead Exemption Steering Committee Meetings