School Safety FAQ

  • Q: What can I do as a parent to prepare for a school emergency?
    A: The most important thing a parent or guardian can do to prepare for an emergency at school is to make sure that the contact information you have provided is accurate and up-to-date in the parent portal.

    Q: How will I know that there is an emergency at my child's school, and what should parents do during an emergency?
    A: Information regarding emergency situations will be sent to parents as soon as possible. During a crisis, the first response might be to call the school. However, a high volume of calls may overwhelm the phone system. If an emergency occurs, information can be found on one or all of the following:

    2. Blast emails (via the blackboard parent link messenger which sends messages to the email address you provided in the parent portal. )
    3. Robo-calls and texts messages from the school or district (via the blackboard parent link messenger which sends messages to the phone number you provided in the parent portal.
    4. City Schools of Decatur Facebook page

    Q: Does my child's school have a safety plan?

    A: Yes.  All schools in City Schools of Decatur have safety plans. These plans are updated yearly or as needed and practiced throughout the year.

    Q: What is a lockdown?
    A: During a lockdown, all school interior doors are locked and students are confined to their classrooms and no entry or exit from the school is allowed.  This takes place if there is a threat or possible threat inside the school. A school may also go on lockdown if a threat or possible threat is outside the school. During a lockdown caused by an external threat, all exterior doors will be locked and admittance to the school will be extremely limited.

    Q:  Who determines whether or not a school should be locked down or evacuated?
    A: In the event of an emergency at or near a school, school leaders and the CSD Safety Team work with law enforcement and emergency response agencies in determining whether or not to lock down or evacuate the facility.

    Q: If the school is evacuated, how will I be able to locate my child?
    A: Parents will be directed (through the communication methods listed above) to the location where their child has been evacuated to and must show proper identification.  The students may only be released to adults listed as emergency contacts. Parents and guardians can help by making sure all contact information is accurate and updated in the parent portal.

    Q: How can I help to prepare my child in the event there is an emergency at the school?
    A: Students should follow these important rules during an emergency situation:
    Follow the directions given by the teacher, principal, or emergency personnel.
    Never use a cell phone unless specifically instructed to do so.
    Do not leave the school campus unless instructed to do so.