• Will my student get an iPad?
    Every student in grades 4 and 5 will be provided an iPad for their use. Each device is assigned to an individual student, and devices will not be shared.

    Will my student take the iPad home?
    Students will not take iPads out of the school building.  

    Will my student take home the iPad over the summer?
    No, devices will not be taken home over the summer.

    Will my 4th grade student get the same iPad in 5th grade?
    No, each student at F.AVE will be assigned a new device each Fall.

    Is there a cost to me for the iPad initiative?
    The iPad initiative has been funded by City Schools of Decatur, and there is no cost to participate in this program.

    Do I need to purchase any accessories?
    We are asking families to provide a set of headphones or earbuds for their student's use. Inexpensive headphones/ earbuds may be purchased online or at the Dollar Store. They will remain at school and will serve as a hygienic way for students to hear sound on the devices. City Schools of Decatur has provided a protective cover for each iPad.

    What if my student’s iPad is damaged at school?
    If the device is damaged in any way, an adult must be notified immediately. Students should not be without an iPad due to damage; we have plans in place to provide a replacement device if numbers allow.

    Where are the iPads stored?
    When not in use, iPads are stored and charged in locked carts in each classroom.

    What are the rules and procedures for the iPads?
    Teachers and the Instructional Technology Specialist will go over care and use rules with each student. Those rules are also available in the Terms of Use document, available for download here.

    What content will be on the iPads?
    The apps loaded on the iPads are the same for each F.AVE student.  

    Can my student bring his/her own iPad?
    No, the 1:1 iPad initiative has been designed so that all student iPads have the same content to allow for group work and maintain a focus on the curriculum. Students will not personalize their devices in any way.