Summer Reading

  • Winnona Park Summer Reading Suggestions and Resources

    We do not offer a specific list of books to read over the summer but would suggest incorporating a time for reading

    into as many days of summer vacation as possible.  This helps for students to get into, or stay in, a "reading habit".

    It is important for adults to model this so if you are not reading to your child, it is important for your child to see

    you spending time reading.  Establishing a reading time is also a more positive spin on a time that is also

    electronics-free.  Instructing your child to turn off electronics so that they can read a book puts a less positive

    spin on the activity of reading.


    1. Visit the Decatur branch of the Dekalb County Public Library regularly to browse, or 

    order your books online and stop by the library to pick them up.  Also check the library for

    other summer activities – they have some great things planned for all ages including their

    summer reading program.  Miss Mia visited our students the last week of school to talk to them

    about the program. You can start signing up now and the program runs through the

    end of July.  The Dekalb County public library system has many ebooks and audiobooks for

    both children and adults available for electronic checkout, as well as a new access app

    called "Libby".  Accessed through the “eLibrary” section of their website, books can be

    downloaded in a variety of formats.  You will need a library card number, as well as a pin

    number that must be initially obtained at the library.

    I visit the library frequently and love seeing students.  I also love seeing our students' names on the summer

    reading board.


    2. Little Shop of Stories -

    The Annual Summer Reading Program began May 18th. You can find more information


    3. Visit the “KidsReads” website at  I especially like the 

    “Coming Soon” section that will tell you when your latest favorites are being released.


    4. Our books in the Winnona Park library are leveled using the Accelerated Reader system.  

    For books from home, or the library, you can check the level using this website.  

    If you find a book listed, the test is also available but must be taken at school.  The book level can be helpful for helping your

    student pick out “just right” books to read themselves.


    5. Students may use any of our online resources at home that they use during 

    the school year.  Check your student's grade level from the Media Center website.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to me at