• What:  Little Shop of Stories and Winnona Park Elementary School Book Fair

    Books come from Little Shop of Stories and our media center receives 20% of all book sales.  Money has been used over the years for books, furniture, technology and supplies.

    Who:  All Winnona Park students, families and teachers


    Monday, October 28th - Students visit the Book Fair to make wish lists during the school day.

    Tuesday, October 29th  - Students visit the Book Fair to make wish lists during the school day.

    Book Fair is open from 2:30 - 3:15 PM and from 5 - 6:30 PM which is just prior to PTA's "Peace and Pie" event.  Students must be with an adult.

    Wednesday, October 30th - Open for sales: 7:30 AM - 3:15 PM.  Students must be with an adult before 8 AM and after 2:15 PM.

    Thursday, October 31st – Open for sales: 7:30 AM – 3:15 PM.  Students must be with an adult before 8 AM and after 2:15 PM.

    Friday, November 1st – Open for sales: 7:30 AM – 9 AM.  Students must be with an adult before 8 AM.


    Why: To shop local, purchase books for home and classrooms, and raise money for our library.  Teachers will have wish lists if families would like to purchase a book for their student's classroom.


    Where:  The Winnona Park Media Center


    Additional Details or Everything you Wanted to Know about the Winnona Park Book Fair but were afraid to ask.  


    1. Do all classes visit the Book Fair?

    All classroom teachers sign up for a time to bring their class to the Book Fair to make a "wish list" of books on either Monday or Tuesday. 

    2. What is a student "wish list?"

    A wish list is a list of books that students "wish" or "hope" they can buy.  They are helpful if families are not able to come to the Book Fair with their student, or to give parents an idea of which books students are interested in.  I explain to students that they might get all of the books, they might get some, they might get none, they might bring their own money, or they might also get one for their birthday.  Students are not required to purchase the books on their wish list.  The wish lists go home that same day so that students can discuss with family members which books they might purchase.  Students may bring money to purchase books starting on Wednesday or families may shop together starting on Tuesday afternoon.  We like to wait until all students have been through the Book Fair(the end of the day on Tuesday) before anyone purchases books.

    3. What is a teacher "wish list?"

    Teachers also make "wish lists" so that families can choose to purchase books for the classroom.  We place a sticker in the front of the book with the student's name and the student may present the book to the teacher.  


    4. What do the students do when they come to the Book Fair?

    For kindergarten and first graders, each student will be assigned a grown-up – a teacher or parent volunteer to write the list; second graders are given the option to write themselves.  The volunteer will ask for the student name to put on the wish list.  Then the students shop/browse.  They bring one book at a time back to their person so they can put the title and price on the wish list.  We ask for students to pick five books.  The students are also told that the books are brand new so they need to be gentle in opening them - ie. take a peek.

     5. What if students bring money to school to purchase books?

    Students will need to go to the cafeteria or their classroom like they normally do in the morning.  This way we can wait for the majority of parents to leave so that we can better help them, and so they are not late to class.  Teachers will send them sometime during the school day.  

     6. What if we run out of books?

    We will special order books if we run out of titles.  It usually takes a couple of weeks for the books to come in and will be distributed to students at that time.

    7. What forms of payment can I use?

    We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by coming into the library, or via email - Ilene Zeff at izeff@csdecatur.net.