• An Overview of Keyboarding at Winnona Park




    In kindergarten, we begin with keyboarding programs/websites that introduce students to the alphabet on the keyboard.  The prevelance of touchscreen computers has made this a more important focus over the past few years.  Students also learn to identify utility keys such as the spacebar, return and backspace keys.


    First Grade

    In first grade, students begin to practice two-handed keyboarding techniques while also

    learning more about the other workings of the keyboard - upper/lower case, basic 

    punctuation, space bar, and delete.  They practice using the left and right side of the keyboard, as well as 

    starting to use the home row keys.



    Second Grade    

    In second grade, students are introduced to a formal keyboarding program called 

    "Typing Club."  Students have their own login and proceed through a series of steps to 

    learn the location of the keys on the keyboard.  They are encouraged to practice at home if a family 

    member is able to supervise.  The most important part of this type of program is for the 

    student to develop the proper technique which includes: keeping hands in the correct 

    position - curved and on the home row, sitting straight in the chair with both feet on, or towards, the floor, keeping the

    eyes on the screen.  No pecking like chickens !!!  Keyboarding is still considered a developing skill in second grade, and is not developmentally appropriate for all students.  


    If you have any questions, I can be found in the media center or at izeff@csdecatur.net.

    Keyboarding Rules and Reminders

    1. Sit up straight, face the computer
    2. Eyes should be on the screen
    3. Correct fingering with both hands; thumbs on space bar; hands should be straight.  No pecking !!!!


    Keyboarding Programs

    Please check the grade level link to the left to see what your student has been introduced in the media center.

    1. Typing Club - Students in second grade have their own logins to this 

    website - https://csdecatur.typingclub.com/.  They can also access the link from the 

    Winnona Park Website by clicking on their grade level. 

    Username:  lunch number

    Password:  go


    2. Keyboard Climber- Students used this website in the media center and are welcome to continue practicing at home.


    Learning Targets for Keyboarding


    I can find the letters of the alphabet on the keyboard.

    I can use the "return/enter" key

    First Grade 

    I can find all the letters of the alphabet on the keyboard.

    I can type using both hands.

    I can use the delete and return/enter keys

    Second Grade

    I can identify the homerow keys.

    I can type using the homerow.

    I can sit straight and keep my eyes on the screen.



    Which fingers type which keys?



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