Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


    1. What are the hours of the library?

    Monday - Friday  7:30 am - 3 pm

    To visit before or after school hours, students will need to be accompanied by an adult.

    2. Can parents or family members check out books?

    Yes!  Family members may check out up to five books at a time.

    3. I have questions about the Winnona Park library.  Who can I contact?

    Please come in and see me - Ilene Zeff or email me at

    4. How many books can my student check out at a time?

    Kindergarten - Students check out one book from the library that is kept in their classroom.

    First grade - For the first six weeks of school, students check out one book that can be taken home.  After six weeks, first graders can check out one choice book and one book on their "just right" level - a book they can read on their own.

    Second grade - Students may check out a total of two books at a time.  Some teachers require one of the books to be a "just right book".

    5. How long are students allowed to keep the same book?

    Books checked out for a week at a time.  If a student is in the middle of reading a longer book, they may "renew" it.  We ask them to renew it so that we know it is not lost.

    6. What if my child looses or damages a book from the Winnona Park library?

    We charge a $10 flat, nonrefundable fee for all lost or damaged books.  Money can be submitted in cash or check made out to Winnona Park Elementary. Students are required to pay for a lost book before they can continue checking out additional books.  For example, if one book is lost, they will be able to check out one book at a time until the second book is replaced.If a student has a lost book when they leave Winnona Park, they will not be able to check out a book at their new CSD school until the book is found, or the fine satisfied.  I do send out periodic reminders of what students have checked out from our library.

    7. How can I help my child be responsible for his or her books?

    Please remind your child to:

    1. Leave library books in his or her backpack at after-care, at a friend's house, on the bus, etc.
    2. Make sure water bottles are tightly sealed.
    3. Do not lend a library book to a friend but instead, let the friend check out the book so that it is under their name.

    8. How often does my child come to the media center during the school week?

    All students visit the media center once per week with their class.  They will almost always check out books, as well as have a lesson, read aloud, technology-based activity or activity related to the read aloud.  In addition, first through third graders visit the library in small groups throughout the day to exchange books. Each teacher organizes this differently in the classroom.

    9. Do we have children's book authors or illustrators visit our school?

    YES!! Please visit this page or click on the "Author Visit" tab on the Media Center website.

    10. What about Book Fairs?

    We have two Book Fairs per year - one in October and one in March.  Books are provided by Little Shop of Stories. Our library receives 20% of all proceeds. We ask for parent volunteers a few weeks prior to each fair.

    11. Can I volunteer in the library?  

    Yes!  We love parent volunteers.  Some volunteers come in on a regular basis and at a set time, while others come in when they can.  We even have parents who continue to volunteer even after their students leave our school.  Please email me if you are interested -