The Alamo

About Ms. Zeff, Media Specialist

  • I love that my job as Media Specialist at Winnona Park has so many different parts- teaching students, managing the library, collaborating with teachers, and working on school communications.  I enjoy being a resource for students and parents both with books and reading, and providing support regarding perhaps the most daunting challenge of our modern age- ubiquitous technology and connectivity.  However, my path to a career in education was indirect. I studied Natural Resources in the College of Agriculture at Ohio State University. Toward the end of my studies I began using computers in the field of geographic information systems.  After graduation and a year of working as a legislative aide in the Ohio State House, I returned to Ohio State for a master’s in Natural Resource Information Systems.

    From there I moved to Georgia to work for a software company on a product used to process satellite data.  This was in the early 90s when GPS data was classified and thus required security clearance. It was around this time that schools began acquiring computer equipment and labs, and there were not many educators trained to staff them.  Often former technology professionals were recruited for these roles and as such, I became the Technology Coordinator at the Epstein School, a private, Jewish K-8 school in Sandy Springs. The school environment was a welcome change from the corporate world and where I knew I belonged.  I took some time off when my children were young but was glad to return to a classroom setting, initially teaching part time in the computer lab at the Friends School in Decatur. I enrolled at Georgia State in their Library Media program andI was fortunate to be able to join Winnona Park’s faculty part-time while job sharing with long-time retiring Media Specialist, Ann Whitley until I finished my degree..  

    I have lived in the Great Lakes neighborhood since 1998 with my husband Eric and two sons, although my nest is newly empty. Both Decatur High graduates, Zak graduated from Georgia College and works in IT for the NCR Corporation in Atlanta.  Ari is a sophomore at the University of Georgia.  After spending many years at baseball games, football games, band concerts and competitions, I am now spending more time walking to work, going to the Decatur Y and traveling.