• Express Bus



    Express Bus Pilot

    Decatur, we heard you, we are doing a test pilot called the Express Bus!!!!!

    The express bus pilot is a pilot were transportation will provide a direct run to FAVE from your neighborhood school. The bus will provide later pickup time for students, help alleviate long drop off lines at FAVE and eliminate parents having to travel in traffic. Plus the bus is the safest way for students to travel to and from school. 

    The Express bus pilot will run for one week at each school. 


    Clairemont Elementary      September 24-28

    Glennwood Elementary      October  1-5

    Westchester Elementary    October  8-12

    Winnona Park                      October 15-19


    Load Time:       7:00 AM-7:15 AM

    Depart Time:    7:15 AM

    Arrival Time:     7:30 AM