EL Education and Primary Learners

  • EL Education understands that young students engage with and think about the world in unique ways. The following document contains a list of eleven commons characteristics of young learners that is based on the research of developmental psychologists and educators. These characteristics help to guide our instructional practices and create a culture of community in EL Education schools.  

    Young learners:

    • Find security in rhythm, ritual, and repetition
    • Learn through play
    • Want to belong to a community that is safe, beautiful, and good
    • Explore the world with wonder
    • Understand the world first through their bodies.
    • Seek independence and mastery
    • Thrive in the natural world
    • Use stories to construct meaning
    • Seek patterns in the world around them
    • Construct their identities and build cultural bridges
    • Express themselves in complex ways

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     You can find further explanation about these characteristics by following this link. After clicking on the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page to download the detailed document.