• What is Responsive Classroom and how does it fit into the EL Education model?

    At Glennwood, we also incorporate the Responsive Classroom approach into teaching and learning which emphasizes both social-emotional and academic growth. Like EL Education, Responsive Classroom is grounded in the beliefs that students must develop a set of emotional competencies which include: cooperation, assertiveness, and responsibility, as well as, a set of academic competencies which include: a growth mindset, perseverance, and learning strategies. Responsive Classroom and EL Education also share many similar structures in which a child’s school day is built around. Some of these structures include: Morning Crew or Morning Meeting where students and teachers gather together each morning to focus on building community and the habits of scholarship or character. Both of these models include time for students to reflect and energize, as well as, a process for establishing classroom rules or a “code of living” created by and for students. When students create their classroom rules, they know the expectations, have ownership in the process, and can navigate their days with a sense of purpose. Both EL Education and Responsive Classroom believe that by developing these competencies, students will do their best learning in an engaging, inclusive, active and academically rigorous environment.