Learning Expeditions

  • One of EL Education's flagship structures is the Learning Expedition. An expedition is an in-depth, interdisciplinary plan of study with lessons making real-world connections. Expeditions involve students in original research, critical thinking, and problem-solving, and they build character along with academic skills. Open-ended, thought-provoking guiding questions help guide the learning process. Students reflect on these questions throughout the expeditions, therefore, deepening their understanding of a topic or concept. 

    Expeditions provide opportunities for students to do authentic work for an authentic audience. This real-world connection provides motivation for students and presents opportunities for service learning. Expeditions draw together personal experiences and intellectual growth to promote self-discovery and construct knowledge.  
    Special areas (Spanish, Art, Music, and Physical Education) are authentically integrated into expeditions. Students demonstrate their learning in final products, which are presented to a real-world audience when possible. Celebrations of Learning offer students a chance to guide their families through the learning process that describes their final product.