• The students are ready to finish their unit on body parts and the five senses. Ask them to name some of their body parts for you in Spanish. They also learned different songs such as “El baile de los esqueletos” , “Mi cuerpo hace música” , and “Cabeza, hombros, piernas pies”. The first week of December we will begin a new unit called "Froggy se Viste" . In this unit we will explore the names for clothing and shapes in Spanish. We will listen to the story, “Froggy Gets Dressed,” in Spanish and participate in fun activities relating to this story.


First Grade

  • First graders finished their units about school, community, and body parts. Students have learned vocabulary about classroom objects, colors, numbers, community helpers, modes of transportation, emotions, and body parts. The students are encouraged to talk with complete sentences.  They are be able to communicate what is hurting in Spanish. We had a lot of fun playing Simon says in Spanish as we practice naming body parts.   In our upcoming unit, “El gusano que tenia mucha hambre,” students will hear a story about a hungry worm looking for food that only seems to find himself stuck in articles of various clothing. Students will talk about clothing and what their favorite things are. We will continue counting by fives and tens up to a hundred.

Second Grade

  • Second graders learned about school vocabulary, school personnel, rooms in the school, modes of transportation to get to school, community workers and places in the community. They are also learning how to pronounce and read words by syllables.

    We finished our study case about the Moon. Students learned the Moon phases and some facts about our Moon. They did a great job with their moon poems. Ask them to sing the song “Soy siempre Luna”. We will continue with our unit called “Una reunión familiar.” In this unit we will talk about family members, rooms in the house, objects from home, routines and activities at home.