• During the school year, kindergarten students learned vocabulary about colors, shapes, school objects, means of transportation, body parts, clothing, family members, rooms of the house, pets, fruits, vegetables, food, drinks, farm and zoo animals They can also talk about their feelings, the calendar and the weather.


First Grade

  • First grade classes explored similar themes and vocabulary as the Kindergarten classes did.  However in first grade we provided further enrichment to their vocabulary. They began simple sentence structure in all four areas of language.

Second Grade

  • Second grade students talked about school, family, community, moon phases,and food. They also did an imaginary trip to Mexico. We reviewed previous vocabulary and add new vocabulary while practicing skills of description, comparing, and contrasting.


Third Grade

  • Third grade students explored similar themes as the second graders did but deeply. Additional to practicing skills of description, comparing, contrasting and map-reading, they practiced listening and speaking skills focusing on pre-reading and writing.



    I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to teach your children. What a wonderful year it has been!

    If you can, please continue to provide the children the opportunity to listen to the Spanish language and to practice speaking. You can use the Spanish website resources. You will find videos, songs, and games. They can watch the Salsa videos, practice the Rockalingua songs or play the Rockalingua games.

    Of course, trips to your neighborhood Latin America cuisine restaurants will provide you with the opportunity to let your child practice polite expressions, identifying foods, and to listen to authentic music. Go on scavenger hunts in your neighborhood and see how many things of Spanish origin you can find in your community. Let the children listen to music of all Spanish-speaking countries. And, to those who will be traveling this summer to Spanish-speaking countries I wish you and your children a great learning experience.


    I appreciate you and all of your support this year. I look forward to seeing you in August.

    Hasta luego!




    I value your input and suggestions.

       “MUCHAS GRACIAS “ for your support of the Spanish Program