Welcome to the City Schools of Decatur K-2 Physical Education program!

    I will be encouraging your child to learn how to be physically active in ways that assist his/her physical, social, emotional and cognitive development and abilities. It is our goal to develop a desire for lifelong physical activity. In PE, we look forward to a productive year with cooperation, movement, fun, and learning.


    Your child will have physical education twice a week for 30 minutes. Listed below are ways you can help provide a safe environment for your child on the days s/he has PE:

    1. Wear gym shoes that tie or velcro. Please, no slip-ons, hiking boots, platforms, or roller shoes.
    2. Your child should dress appropriately on PE days whether it is hot, cold or rainy because of our outdoor location. Shorts should be worn under a skirt or dress.
    3. Please provide a note from home if there are any health concerns with your child's participation in PE.  



    Hand Eye Coordination 

    Students are currently working on using their hands and eyes together to perform a variety of tasks such as dribbling, underhand and overhand throwing & catching as well as speed stacking. Students will explore different types of activities such as bocce, baggo, and bowling. They will also work with frisbees and foam javelins. Students will continue to employ concepts from previous units such as personal and general space, force, levels, directions and pathways. Students will also continue to work on sharing and following the rules of a game. 


    basketball baggo speed stacks



    1. Throws underhand with opposite foot forward.
    2. Catches a self-tossed object (ball, scarf, and bean bag).
    3. Drops a ball and catches it after a single bounce.
    4. Demonstrates basic dribbling skills with hands attempting multiple contacts.
    5. Demonstrates basic dribbling skills with feet attempting multiple contacts.



    1. Demonstrates underhand throwing techniques following teacher cues.
    2. Catches various sized objects.
    3. Dribbles continuously in personal space using the dominant hand.
    4. Dribbles a ball using the inside of the foot while walking in general space.



    1. Demonstrates the underhand throw while using mature form (facing target, stepping with opposition, transferring weight, and following through).
    2. Demonstrates overhand throwing techniques following teacher cues.
    3. Catches an object at a medium level with the hands (not trapping against the body).
    4. Dribbles a ball using the dominant hand while traveling in general space.


    Family Fun Activities

    As a parent you play a vital role in the health of your child and you can strongly influence the choices s/he makes at school. *Making good choices regarding physical activity and nutritious food leads to improved student health — and healthier students are better learners.


    What can parents and families do? Here are a few ideas:

    Provide Opportunities for Activity

    Enroll your child in after school sports, classes or recreational activities

    Expose him/her to a variety of physical activities

    Identify ways to be active around your home or neighborhood

    Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

    Provide healthy snacks

    Prepare meals with food from all of the food groups

    Cook with your child

    Be a Role Model

    Be active regularly — and invite your child to join you

    Reduce your own television and computer time

    Cook at home more and eat out less

    Monitor Screen Time

    Limit the time spent each day using computers, video games and television

    Avoid eating in front of the television

    Provide alternative activities for your child to enjoy