Clairemont Elementary Media Center



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    Vision Statement

    Clairemont Elementary Media Center seeks to address the whole child through equitable access to technology tools, informational literacy, reference materials, and community resources. The media center strives to promote lifelong learning through an environment of collaboration, critical thinking, and innovative thinking, while fostering an appreciation for literature within a positive social emotional learning environment.



    Mission Statement

    The mission of the media program is the promotion of literacy through a variety of resources that help all stakeholders within the media center, school, and community. Media Services will foster an effective form of communication where all ideas are acknowledged. The Clairemont Elementary Media Center will accomplish the following:



    • Ensuring that CES students become independent critical thinkers who will go through the phase of inquiry in order to gain and share knowledge effectively.

    • CES students will become effective users of informational literacy and technology resources that are current.

    • Provide real experiences for all stakeholders that align with the school’s mission and vision.

    • Providing and facilitating professional development, and opportunities for the CES faculty and community.

    • Collaborating with teachers will strengthen the classroom instruction, by providing a rigorous learning environment while utilizing appropriate resources that are stored within the media center.

    • Continually staying abreast on current research and national trends, while effectively and consistently implementing the best instructional practices for all CES stakeholders.




    The school media program supports equitable access to information resources for the entire school community. 


    Retrieved from: Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs