• Tumble Book Library

    This site is used for our students to access a read aloud book. Students are able to take practice quizzes to see that checks for comprehension on the book. Parents you can use this website for bedtime stories or during family time. Enjoy the read alouds Bulldog Nation!!! 







    This site is used for our students to access a read aloud book. The books are placed within categories. Parents you can use this site for your child to hear a story orally. Its a great resource for all of our Clairemont Elementary Students. This site is being provided by our local library system (Dekalb County Public Library).








    Students are able to access subscription information that is researched based through this database system.






    World Book

     This is a reference tool website made specifically for kids. The site provides a simple search and browse navagation for students, where they are able to read articles that are easy to read. The site will have illustrations, multimedia information, and some engaging activities that will be embedded within a kid friendly article.







     Students are able to find resources through the usage of a keyword or phrase. The NetTrekker site is an educational search engine.






    Accelerated Reader


     Students are able to take a reading comprehension quiz through this guided reading instruction site.





    Compass Learning

     Students are able to practice on their math skills through a personalized learning path.

    This site can be used at home.









    Typing Club

    This site teaches typing. This is an awesome site because it helps our students become a proficient typist.

    Students may login to Typing Club from home with he following login credentials:

    username: firstname.lastname   password: student lunch#






    BrainPOP  BrainPOPjr  

    Students are able to access multiple instructional videos in all content areas. BrainPop or BrainPop Jr. will both teach a short mini lesson. Students are able to take a quiz afterwards if the teacher has assigned a quiz to the student. 







    This site teaches students their basic math facts (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division). Students will be timed while they are on the site to see if they are able to provide the math facts in a timely manner. After the math facts are done then a progress report will be shown to show the students level of mastery. The report will be color coded.







    Educational App Reviews from Common Sense Media