• Walkers and Rainy Days:

    Parents will need to be prepared for the rain (umbrellas, rain coats, etc.). Please do not drive up early and park in the front 15-minute parking spaces to wait for your child.


    Car Riders and Rainy Days:

    On rainy days, we will keep car riders inside the building and we ask that parents remain in their cars. Staff members will stand at the side door and call the names of the students as their parents pull vehicles up to the door. It would be very helpful if each car had a sign on display with the names of the children written on it in large print, grade and teacher’s name. This will help the staff members gather the children more quickly and get them out to the correct cars. Our goal is to ensure that all students get home in a safe and timely manner. Let’s work together to make the dismissal process running smoothly and without incident.


    Thank You!