• Village Gatherings:

    Village Gatherings take place at Fifth Avenue once every six weeks throughout the school year. This is a gathering of each grade level to celebrate and highlight their learning within their IB Units of Inquiry. All families are welcome to attend. These gatherings held in the multipurpose room from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m.


    The learning featured at Village Gathering focuses on the IB Units of Inquiry, celebrating Action, demonstrations of the Learner Profile, the Arts, Spanish, Health or Physical Education. Students lead the presentation through songs, poetry, readings, skits, posters, artwork and/or movement. The PTO, Central Office staff or F.AVE community members might drop by, too.

    • Fashion Tip: F.AVE Spirit Wear is the order of the day – We look forward to PTO’s new design every year, however “vintage” shirts are welcomed.
    • Seating: Parents and visitors have limited seating around the perimeter of the multipurpose room. However, we encourage parents to also sit with students on the floor if desirable.
    • The IB Song: When you hear the vibrant and energetic IB song, you can sing along, clap or dance to the beat. It is our tradition to sing this as our school song each time we gather.
    • Spotlights: We acknowledge individual students, teachers and sometimes classes when they exhibit the attributes of the IB Learner Profile and Action.
    • Hold Your Applause, Please! We will be adapting the American Sign Language’s silent motion for applause. We encourage everyone to shake raised hands, instead of clapping. We don’t want to miss a word of our students’ presentation. When clapping is necessary, we will be prompt the audience.
    • Let’s Move!: At the conclusion of each gathering students demonstrate movements to music that have been learned in their Physical Education classes. This movement activity is just one more way F.AVE integrates Health and Wellness into our school community!