• Semana 28-29

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 3/10/2020

    Estimados Familias, 
    We have been doing lots of work in preparation for our upcoming field study to Matador Cantina and Dekalb farmers market. Students are practicing food vocabulary starting with fruits and using a traditional Mexican menu to politely order food or discuss their preferences with a friend.

    We wanted to give you an idea of what would be involved and what students can expect to see and do.  Students will be grouped with an adult chaperone to participate in a food scavenger hunt.  They will not be handling or tasting foods while there.  We will apply hand sanitizer when leaving the market and wash hands at school on our return before eating lunch.
    Next, at Matador Cantina, there is a modified menu offered to students(los tacos, la quesadilla, el burrito, arroz español y frijoles refritos).  Students will sit at tables with classmates and chaperones. Our objective is to order in Spanish and discuss the foods we have/like and don't have/don't like with classmates.
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  • Semana 26-27

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 3/6/2020

    We have been making connections across our learning. Places/people in our school, places/ayudantes in the community, our family, places/objects in our home. Students have been working hard to take the vocabulary that they already know and new vocabulary to speak, read, and write using complete simple sentences. More advanced students have been helpers and models in the classroom for language usage. For example, modeling how one would explain what each room is/how its used, as well as leading games, and demonstrating an activity that would happen in a particular room. Generating ideas from student feedback and engagement, this quickly became charades and all levels of student ability began to join and encourage each other's learning. We are also preparing for 2nd-grade SLCs come April 1.

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  • Feliz dia de la amistad and have a fun winter break!

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 2/14/2020
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  • Semana 24-25

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 2/14/2020

    Last week, second-grade students complete the STAMP assessment. We finished the week by watching videos on Guatemala and Salsa season 3 (house and family). This week we practiced describing the weather in detail, seasons, counting by 10s and by 1's to 100. We will be working on writing and reading in Spanish. Students reviewed naming family members and focused on vocabulary to describe members in their family by size and personality. We wrote 2-4 sentences about our family(including pets), shared our family portraits, daily routines, and describing members in detail with a partner. For example, "Esta es mi familia. Yo tengo dos abuelos. Ellos son muy amables. Mi papá es alto." If your child is a more advanced speaker you may also want to have them start a SPANISH JOURNAL AT HOME so they can write several times a week. We will continue with- me gusta y no me gusta as we discuss rooms in our home and then move on to food.

    Have a fun winter break!

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  • Semana 23

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 1/31/2020

    Almost third Graders read I Love Saturdays and Domingos to kick off our READ-A-THON. Sr.Valerio and Sra. Pérez each read a book for the OWLs READ Project that will be posted soon for students to listen to teachers read books online(think Storyline Online). Students worked this week on learning vocabulary that described themselves and family. Ask your child to teach you the song, Tengo una Familia Grande or Lluvia, Lluvia Vete Ya. We will continue with our family unit as we prepare for the STAMP assessment.

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  • Semana 22

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 1/25/2020

    2nd graders finished their unit on the community(people, places, transportation). Please come check out the Spanish display near the cafeteria. We will move on to our unit on family and describing ourselves and members of our family.


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  • Semana 20-21

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 1/18/2020

    Muy buenos dias. Feliz 100 dias de escuela. We have had a great three weeks into the new year.  As you know, students have been reviewing and practicing positive school-wide behaviors and agreements(rules). We also introduced Oakie's New Years Resolutions and our how to be an Owl videos during morning crew meetings. Students see their classmates modeling best behaviors throughout the school from kindergarteners showing us how to walk in the hallways to 2nd graders modeling good choices for learning in the classroom. Thank you for continuing to encourage your child to show their personal best! We never want to send home reflection sheets but if agreements are broken consistently, Spanish will also send home reflection sheets.  In the classroom, students reviewed previous units and are moving forward with new vocabulary and activities. The kids continue to be excited to show what they know!

    Students are reviewing for the STAMP test. We reviewed our last unit on people in my community. We are now practicing colors( the purple chair), weather(hace frio), seasons, shapes, counting, fruits and vegetables, family and home, and daily greetings/routines. We will be sending home homework every now and then just to get students thinking about Spanish vocabulary and how to use at home. Students were asked to define texture words at home and return to school. So far only 23 students have returned out of 73 2nd graders. Some did not have the paper but knew the meaning and how to use. 

    Thanks so much for your continued support!

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  • Semana 19

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 12/23/2019

    2nd graders completed their unit on Places In the School. We have already started our new unit on Places in the community. 2nd graders are learning vocabulary for important people and places in the community. They will write 1-2 sentences in Spanish about their favorite community helpers and create a web graphic of other community helpers. Thank you for practicing vocabulary at home. Student work folders will go home with students during the break. We will take the STAMP assessment in early February. We may also send home simple "homework" tasks for students to complete at home and return to school the following class. 

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  • Semana 17-18

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 12/14/2019

    Students finished our unit on places in our school. We transitioned our focus to community helpers(4 more than first graders), their jobs, and where they work in the community. Students practiced describing community helpers in complete sentences and wrote 1-4 sentenced in Spanish depending on level of comfort and knowledge. Students had access to books, vocabulary cards, and flip charts to complete their work. 

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  • Semana 16

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 11/26/2019

    Happy Thanksgiving! ¡Bendiciones! Enjoy the break.

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