• Semana 17-18

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 12/14/2019

    Students finished our unit on places in our school. We transitioned our focus to community helpers(4 more than first graders), their jobs, and where they work in the community. Students practiced describing community helpers in complete sentences and wrote 1-4 sentenced in Spanish depending on level of comfort and knowledge. Students had access to books, vocabulary cards, and flip charts to complete their work. 

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  • Semana 16

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 11/26/2019

    Happy Thanksgiving! ¡Bendiciones! Enjoy the break.

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  • Semana 15

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 11/22/2019

    2nd graders are learning to use verbs to describe basic actions in school. For example, "I can cut the paper with scissors / Yo puedo cortar una hoja de papel(el papel) con las tijeras. See Spanish vocabulary list for more examples. We are practicing to use words like "trabaja" to determine where people and community helpers work in our communities. We will continue to work on community helpers and our community through December.

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  • Semana 14

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 11/15/2019

    Second graders continue to explore the fact that there are so many people around the world that speak Spanish have have Latino and Hispanic heritage. In tandem with the 2nd grade expedition, Spanish classes have explored the idea of how our culture and traditions influence "our own stories" as well as how the stories of others inspire who we will become. We were invited to read "I love Saturdays y domingos" by Alma Flor Ada, Elivia Savadier. This book is well-written bilingual story about a loving little girl who shares the experiences of her loving multi-cultural family. The students loved hearing the story and interacting with the characters and their family traditions.

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  • Semana 12 - 13

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 11/8/2019

    Second graders finished working on our artwork inspired by Diego Rivera. We discussed the importance of his work on Mexican culture and the influence of culture on the type of artwork he created, evolving from Cubist to an influential muralist, mexicanidad. Please stop by the Spanish Display Panels near to cafeteria to check out the finished products. Next week we will be making comparisons between schools in the United States and those in Spain and Mexico - using our objects in school vocabulary. We will also be prepring for our mid-year Spanish assessment. 

    Practice Tip: Create Spanish vocabulary flashcards for your child. Once they have mastered a group of words help them to build simple sentences using the kindergarten Spanish vocabulary list on the Spanish section of the Oakhurst school website.

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  • Semana 11

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 10/26/2019

    Second graders continue our ongoing celebration of diversity, inclusion, and learning about artists/leaders of Hispanic/Latino heritage. In tandem with our exploration of the Mexican holiday, Día de Los Muertos, 2nd grade will also learn general facts about Diego Rivera. We will create artwork inspired by the artist and add them to our Ofrenda. Don't forget to join us for the Parade of Spanish-Speaking Nation this Friday 11/1/19.

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  • Semana 10

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 10/18/2019

    Some of our 2nd graders were visited by Renfroe 7th one 8th graders to read together in Spanish. Middle school students will be returning in the spring. Secong graders also worked on our flags for the Parade of Spanish-Speaking Nations. This community circle was rescheduled for Friday 11/1/19 if weather permits. We will continue to celebrate Hispanic and Latino Heritage by learning about Día de Los Muertos. We assure you that our discussion will focus on the holiday as a unique, joyful, and multi-cultural celebration rooted in Mexico. 


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  • Semana 9

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 10/12/2019

    Second graders are our experts. We will be able to share our skills with 7th-graders and 8th-grade Spanish students from refroe wh oare visiting us next week. We have been reviewing questions about our feelings, the weather and how to count to 30 without making a mistake.

    Second graders created a chart about our favorite places around our school. Students have been practicing to correctly name people and locations around our school. Working with a partner- we also practicing describing "Why?" and writing our ideas down on paper. We created a graph to show our favorite places. El patio de recreo (the playground) was favored by most! We will continue to explore Spanish-speaking countries during Hispanic Heritage Month: Argentina, Bolivia- next is Chile. Flags of these countries will appear on the Georgia Spanish assessment in February. We will continue our research using video, small-group games, and our chrome books from Argentina all the way to Venezuela. 

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  • Semana 8

    Posted by Barbara Botta on 10/5/2019

    We continued our unit on school through making connection between the people who work at Oakhurst and naming the places in our school. Students are exploring Hispanic Heritage Month. They will learn the names of all Spanish speaking countries, their flags, and the important contributions of Latino Americans to American culture. We hope this becomes a meaningful way to recognize kindness, collaboration, and perseverance in ourselves and important Latino/Latino-American leaders.

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  • Semana 7

    Posted by Barbara Botta on 9/27/2019

    Second graders are continuing to discuss people in school through partner games and writing basic sentences in Spanish. Next week we will focus on learning about places in the school and people who work at Oakhurst. They practiced how to connect places and people in the school by writing short sentences using a graphic organizer.

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