• Semana 28

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 3/6/2020

    Kindergarteners started with farm animals. We used puppets to find the missing animal by asking a student to leave the room while another student hides the farm animal. The kindergarteners did a great job collaborating in small groups playing a similar game. We also used the puppets to practice using attribute words such as color and size. We will have one more week of farm animals and practice using the story the Little Red Hen(La Gallanita Roja). In addition to reading the book, we will also watch a video version of the story in Spanish.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-D3B03PSEc

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  • Semana 26-27

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 2/29/2020

    Students finished their family portraits. We practiced basic vocabulary to describe ourselves and family members. We also began our Animal unit by making connections with animals that live in the home such as a bird, fish, cat, dog, rabbit. 

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  • Feliz dia de la amistad and Have a fun winter break!

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 2/14/2020
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  • Semana 25

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 2/14/2020

    Kindergarten students practiced weather and counting to 30. They retold and role played the story of Recitos de Oro y los tres osos (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) using masks. We made connections between our home and the Three Bears' home. As the characters went from room to room, students practiced naming the rooms(la cocina, la sala, and el dormitorio, and simple expressions about the soup, chairs, and beds. We also had students choose to be themselves or a character and move through the bears' home. We had so much fun cheering the actors on and being a supportive audience. 

    Have a fun winter break!


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  • Semana 23-24

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 2/7/2020

    We began our unit on family, titled Recitos de Oro y Los Tres Ositos, this week and continue for 2-3 weeks. This unit is jammed packed with vocabulary about family, including pets, expressions about family, and comparing by size(grande, mediano, pequeño). We read the familiar story to introduce vocabulary, created our own book by replacing Goldilocks with themselves. So much fun to see the kindergarteners making big connections as they explore the story in Spanish. 

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  • Semana 22

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 1/26/2020

    Kindergarten finished their clothing unit. We read Froggie Se Viste and created our own Froggie muñecos de papel (paper dolls). Students discussed what they were wearing and their favorite clothing items. We sang lots of songs about our clothing and the weather. We will read Recitos de Oro y Los Tres Osos to kick off our family unit and the READ-A-THON.

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  • Semana 20-21

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 1/18/2020

    Muy buenos dias. Feliz 100 dias de escuela. We have had a great three weeks into the new year.  As you know, students have been reviewing and practicing positive school-wide behaviors and agreements(rules). We also introduced Oakie's New Years Resolutions and our how to be an Owl videos during morning crew meetings. Students see their classmates modeling best behaviors throughout the school from kindergarteners showing us how to walk in the hallways to 2nd graders modeling good choices for learning in the classroom. Thank you for continuing to encourage your child to show their personal best! We never want to send home reflection sheets but if agreements are broken consistently, Spanish will also send home reflection sheets.  In the classroom, students reviewed previous units and are moving forward with new vocabulary and activities. The kids continue to be excited to show what they know!

    We reviewed our unit on the five senses and finished strong with creating 5 Senses posters. Students cut pictures from magazines and matched them to the appropriate sense. Each student added to each of the 5 posters making it a collaborative effort. Our next unit will focus on naming clothing and understanding which piece of clothing is worn during summer and winter.

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  • Semana 19

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 12/23/2019

    Kindergarteners finished our unit on parts of the body. We started our unit on the five senses. We will make 5 Senses posters using pictures that we cut from magazines. Students will add 2-3 pictures to each of the 5 posters making it a collaborative effort.

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  • Semana 17-18

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 12/14/2019

    Students have been hard at work learning about community helpers, what they wear, and use. Students played lots of games describing community helpers. In tandem with kindergarten expedition, students created drawings and used learned vocabulary to describe community helpers in Spanish. We hope that you were able to check out their work during the kinder Celebration of Learning. 

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  • Semana 16

    Posted by Tagie Tate-Perez on 11/26/2019

    Happy Thanksgiving! ¡Bendiciones! Enjoy the break.

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