Community Engagement


    Since the 2011 School year and the inception of our current CSD Capital Improvement Master Plan, we have had numerous community engagement efforts. Our most recent engagement effort centers around the solution for growth in the Elementary grades. Starting in September of 2016 we put together a Planning Task Force. This Planning Task Force was made up of Teachers Administrators and Community members from across Decatur. The Planning Task Force developed recommendations for the Superintendent and Board of Education to address the growing elementary population. This task force studied enrollment projections, current system assets, and future needs over the period of three months. At the end of this effort, they came up with a number of options that could work to alleviate the pressure caused by a rapidly growing system. 

    In January 2017, we enlisted the services of Cooperative Strategies to take the recommendations from the task force and get them out to the wider community for discussion and further input. Cooperative strategies and CSD administration led a series of meetings where a steering committee of Teachers, administrators, and community members met and worked to refine the options. Once this was complete we hosted a community input meeting where we presented the options and led small group discussions on the merits of each. This input was gathered and used in conjunction with a community-wide survey to further refine desired options that were presented to the CSD Board of Education in April and May for approval. You can see more about these efforts and review all of the presentations and documents at the project website by clicking here.


    This fall we will begin the process of Design Development for the Elementary being built on Talley Street. Our meetings this fall will offer a chance for the community to see the design as it develops and have activities for input and reaction to the design concepts. We welcome you to attend and look forward to building a great school for our CSD students and teachers.