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    Keyboarding, also called "touch-typing" is the ability to properly use the computer keyboard for writing.  At Westchester, we begin in kindergarten by introducing the students to keyboarding programs that require them to use their left and right hands.  This reinforces the idea that keyboarding is a two-handed skill.  They use these programs periodically throughout the year.  In first grade, students also practice two-handed keyboarding techniques while also learning more about the other workings of the keyboard - upper/lower case, punctuation, space bar, and delete, as well as finger placement on the home row.  In addition, they begin using a word processor to type simple words, their names, etc.  In second grade, students are introduced to a formal keyboarding program called "Typing Club."  Students have their own login and proceed through a series of steps to learn the location of the various keys.  They have opportunities to practice this in the media center, and can also practice at home if a family member is able to supervise.  The most important part of this type of program is for the student to develop the proper technique which often means reminders to keep hands in the correct position - curved and on the home row, sit straight in the chair, slow down, keep the eyes on the screen.   Keyboarding requires perseverance so please encourage your child as much as possible.  If you have any questions, I can be found in the media center or at bnation@csdecatur.net.



    Articles about Keyboarding




    Learning Targets for Keyboarding


    • I can use the keyboard with my left and right hands.
    • I can use the "return/enter" key

    First Grade 

    • I can find all the letters of the alphabet on the keyboard.
    • I can type my first name and last name
    • I can find the . ? and ! keys
    • I can use the delete and return/enter keys

    Second Grade

    • I can identify the homerow keys.
    • I can type using the homerow.


    Keyboarding Video and Diagrams

    How to Type







    Keyboarding Rules and Reminders

    Sit up straight, face the computer

    Eyes on the screen

    Correct fingers with both hands; thumbs on space bar; hands should be straight.

    Tap your keys as if they are hot



    Keyboarding Programs



    1. Typing Club - Students in first and second have logins to this website - https://csdecatur.typingclub.com/.  Their usernames are their student ID/lunch number and the password is the word "go".  


    2. Key Seeker - used by kindergarten and first grade in the Media Center.  Students learn to use their left(purple) and right(green) monkey paws.




    3. Dance Mat Typing - recommended for first grade.


    4. The Original Keyboard Challenge

    - recommended for second and third grade.


    5. Find the Key  - Recommended for first and second grade.

    6. Learning to Type the Home Row Keys - Recommended for second or third grade.  Does have ads.


    7. ByteBack Typing Tutorial - Recommended for second or third grade.  Thorough but not very pretty.

    8. Keyboard Climber - Recommended for kindergarten or first grade.

    9. Typing Master - Pop the Bubbles -  Recommended for first grade.  Does require user to put in name for high score


    10. Alphabet Keyboarding Practice - Recommended for kindergarten and first grade.  Repeats each letter at a time.


     11. Hewlet Packard Typing and Keyboard Practice

    Which fingers type which keys?

    Left Hand      A S D F       

    Right hand    J K L ;

    Neighbors     G H

    Thumbs     Spacebar



    Top Row Keys -Fingers visit these keys but return to the homerow.
    Left Hand      Q W E R T
    Right Hand    Y U I O P


    Bottom Row Keys -Fingers visit these keys but return to the homerow.

    Left Hand      Z X C V B

    Right Hand    B N M , . /


    Thank you, Ilene Zeff for this information!