Master Planning And Construction

  • In November of 2019, the City Schools of Decatur began a facilities master planning process to create a plan that addresses facility needs and solicited feedback from the community regarding facility improvements. In March of 2020, the process was placed on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, the focus of the process was adjusted to address the facility needs identified in the facility assessments. In September of 2020, we restate the Facility Master process.

    The Facilities Master Plan establishes the framework that provides a comprehensive overview of the School District and resources, integrating people, facilities, process, and technology. This framework includes analyzing the enrollment projections and FTEs, facility utilization, and current needs, inspecting the facilities and existing drawings, facility conditions assessment, deferred maintenance, and sustainable initiatives.

    Documents including site features/limitations, maintenance issues, functionality, and utility systems assess the exterior envelope of facilities, interior construction, fixtures and finishes, exterior sites like parking and fields, building systems, building functionality, and the future readiness of the facilities.

    The plan provides a road map for renovations, replacements, additions, modifications that will allow City Schools of Decatur to meet the goals in the strategic plan, improve all buildings to operate efficiently, effectively, healthy, safe, and sustainable.