IB Diploma Classes at DHS

  • Students at Decatur High School can take IB courses in all six IB subject areas: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics, and Arts. 

    Some students pursue the full IB Diploma, some the IB Career Program, while others choose to be independent and select the IB classes that best fit their interests and strengths. 

    All IB courses are two years long and include IB assessments during and at the end of the course. Courses are designated as Standard Level (SL) and/or Higher Level (HL), with HL courses usually including additional topics and one or more additional assessments.   

    Group 1-Language and Literature
    English Language and Literature SL and HL

    Group 2-Language Acquisition
    Spanish HL and SL
    French SL
    German SL

    Group 3-Individuals and Societies
    World History HL 
    Psychology SL and HL

    Group 4-Experimental Sciences
    Biology HL and SL
    Physics HL and SL
    Chemistry SL
    Design Technology* HL and SL 
    Computer Science* HL and SL 
    *IB Design Technology and Computer Science do not fulfill a science course requirement for high school graduation

    Group 5-Mathematics
    Mathematics Applications and Interpretation HL and SL
    Mathematics Analysis and Approaches SL

    Group 6-Arts
    Visual Arts SL
    Music SL
    Film HL


    Pursuing the IB Diploma (IBDP)
    Students pursuing the IB Diploma take three HL courses and three SL courses, one in each of the six subject areas. Students may take a 2nd subject in groups 1-5, rather than a group 6 subject. Students also pursue the IB core of Theory of Knowledge, Creativity-Activity-Service, and the Extended Essay. Students can earn college credit for their results in IB courses, depending on their final results. 


    Pursuing the IB Career Program (IBCP)
    Students pursuing the IB Career Program take a minimum of two IB SL and/or HL courses, complete a Decatur Career Academy pathway, and complete the IBCP core of Personal and Professional Skills, The Reflective Project, and Community Service. Students may earn college credit for their results in IB courses. 


    Independent Students Taking Individual IB Courses
    Students can take IB courses in any of the subject areas and potentially earn college credit for their IB courses.