Senior Project Overview

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    The Senior Project

    Decatur High School has implemented a Senior Project to help seniors recognize the importance of becoming self-motivated and independent individuals. Seniors benefit from the opportunity to apply their networking, project management, and communication skills. We want Decatur graduates to design a project that showcases not only their interests, but also some of the most important knowledge and skills they have gained from their years in school.

    By school board policy, the Senior Project is a culminating graduation requirement. All students who are not IBDP or IBCC candidates must participate. Individual interest determines the focus of research and project plans – choice is essential. Each project must demonstrate a significant “stretch” that actively engages the student and demonstrates the skills that will be useful after graduating from Decatur High School.

    Evaluation of each of the Senior Project’s four Ps is standards-based. Students are not working for a numeric grade or a ranking – each senior must simply meet the standards and demonstrate a personal stretch.

    Parents can access their individual student's progress by having the student log into their Senior Project Google Classroom page. Click here for the DHS Senior Project Handbook. 

    Questions? Email Senior Project coordinators Ms. Sturm (