Special Diets

  • NOTE: We will offer at least one vegetarian option daily, if your child is vegetarian (without any food allergies) then there is no need to fill anything out! Please see our menus tab for options. 


    Special Dietary Needs

    • A special dietary need is one that requires medical documentation by filling out the form "Medical Statement for Accommodating Disabilities" linked in the files below. Some examples of special dietary needs are gluten-free, specific food allergies, texture modifications, etc. 
    • The form "Medical Statement for Accommodating Disabilities" must be filled out by a healthcare provider and returned to CSD School Nutrition AND their school nurse. We must receive this completed paperwork before we can begin to make accomodations for any student. 
    • The form "CSD Milk Substitution Form" can be filled out by a student's parent/guardian or their healthcare provider. 


    • In the past, students with food allergies or special dietary needs were handled more so by individual nurses and schools. As we move forward, we want to have documentation come to the School Nutrition Department so that we can ensure that we're tracking all of our students in the best way possible. The paperwork linked on this page is the standard paperwork given by the Georgia Department of Education.  


    We must receive this completed paperwork before we can begin to make menu accommodations. Emailing our department without paperwork is not sufficient documentation. Having all food allergy/special diet documentation come through the School Nutrition Department helps us keep your children safe!

  • Peanut Allergy Information

    • ECLC is our only facility where nuts are not served. Our other schools are “nut-aware,” indicating we take extra care to prevent cross contamination. 
    • All K-5 schools offer individually packaged Whole-Grain PB&J Uncrustable sandwiches as a meal choice. Otherwise, all menu items for breakfast and lunch will not contain nuts as an ingredient. We serve pre-packaged peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to further help prevent allergen contamination in our kitchens. 
    • Grades 6-12 will always offer individually packaged Whole-Grain PB&J Uncrustable sandwiches as a meal choice, and some menu items may occasionally include nuts. This page will be updated if nuts are included on any menu items for these schools.


    •  It is important to note that while we do not use peanuts as an ingredient, some of our products may be manaufactured in a processing facility alongside peanuts/tree nuts or any of the big 8 allergens. We want to make students and families aware that this is a reality of living with food allergies or special dietary needs, and a child's biggest advocate is themselves. We recommend teaching them to ask about their allergen or special diet every time they are offered food, no matter the source. 

Allergen by Recipe Information

  • Please see the following file for allergen information. Each recipe is listed alphabetically with allergen information for the "big 8" allergens, including milk, eggs, shellfish, peanuts & tree nuts, soy, and wheat. We update this document periodically as recipes and products change. If you don't see a recipe on here that you need more information about, please contact Sarah Catherine at sblack@csdecatur.net. 

Special Diet Forms

Inactive Page Carb Counts

  • Please view our itemized database for carbohydrate counts.

    We update this list as new products become available to us, or as recipes change. Thank you.


    Click here to access our itemized database.


    **We offer lactose-free milk upon request in all of our schools.**
    For additional allergen questions, please see our contact page to email our Nutrition Supervisor.