• Tony DiTerlizzi

    Posted by Brooke Nation on 11/8/2018

    Tony DiTerlizzi

    Tony DiTerlizzi visited Westchester on Thursday, November 8th 

    Tony and Students

    Little Shop of Stories brought Tony DiTerlizzi to Westchester on Thursday. WE was chosen as on of two CSD schools to participate.  

    We are honored to have Mr. DiTerlizzi visit our school!  He is a fabulous presenter and shared a love of reading with all of us.  Kenny and the Dragon is a fabulous book that our students (kindergarten through third) and the staff enjoyed!

    We hope our excitement was well received. 

    Ms. Gwaltney and Mrs. Bigham's second grade wrote a song for Mr. DiTerlizzi

    Song for Tony

    Students also collaborated to create and build dragons for the author visit.  Students enjoyed reading the story and classroom discussions were lively.  This was an excellent On the Same Page book for our students.  

    dragon eyes


    dragons exit


    Mr. DiTerlizzi signed books for students at Westchester! Kenny and the Dragon as well as Spider and the Fly were huge hits!signing



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  • Matthew Cordell

    Posted by Brooke Nation on 9/30/2018

    Matthew Cordell


    Matthew Cordell is an author/illustrator of several books.  He is the recent Caldecott Award Winner for Wolf in the Snow, which a wonderful story about companionship.  Mr. Cordell recently wrote a new story, King Alice, visited Westchester to share this story.  We enjoyed our visit with Mr. Cordell!marquee crowd of kings Student Leaders King Alice Drawing Fan

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  • Debbi Michiko Florence

    Posted by Brooke Nation on 8/31/2018

    Debbi Michiko Florence

    Jasmine Toguchi Series


    Debbi Florence

    Ellie, June, Evan and Charlie did an excellent job greeting and introducing our guest, Mrs. Debbi Michiko Florence.  Ms. Florence is the author if the Jasmine Toguchi series which she shared with us during her visit. Students are very interested in her books and we have not had one on the library shelf since her visit.  



    book signing

    Students were eager to recieve their signed copies of Jasmine Toguchi from Ms. Florence.

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  • Angela DiTerrlizzi

    Posted by Brooke Nation on 8/31/2018

    Angela DiTerlizzi

    Just Add Glitter


    Angela DiTerlizzi returned for her second author visit with the Wolves on August 31st.  She shared with us her enthusasium for reading, glitter and using one's imagination.


    smile Four first grade students helped Ms. DiTerlizzi around Westchester and introduced her to their peers.  They were confidant and kind.


    Just Add Glitter Just Add Glitter is shiny and engaging, just like Angela, she captured the students' attention and held on to it until the end.  Students and staff enjoyed her presentation and were asking for her books all week!



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  • Adam Rubin

    Posted by Brooke Nation on 5/19/2017

    Adam Rubin

    Dragons Love Tacos 2

    Adam Rubin returns!  That's right, Mr. Rubin visited Westchester for the second time.  Westchester is so lucky to have the author of so many great books revisit us.  Adam Rubin had students laughing and interested in each word.

    Adam Rubin children laughing

    He introduced is brand new book Dragons Love Tacos 2.  Students were not disappointed as they loved the first! They shared ideas about what his next book should be about.  Also, they wanted him to know what they were writing about!  Several students shared their work with him.

    talking to students


    Mr. Rubin was busy signing a lot of books for Westchester Wolves! Before he left he wanted to get a closer look at the awesome art work students created with Mrs. Howarth in art.  He was so impressed!

    Rubin signing books              Rubin WE artwork                                          Rubin dragon eyes



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  • Tim Miller

    Posted by Brooke Nation on 5/17/2017 8:30:00 AM

    Tim Miller

    Tim Miller visited Westchester to share his new book, Moo Moo in a Tutu.  Students were engaged and truly enjoyed his visit.  Signing books

    Cora and Max (first grade) introduced our visitor and thanked him for coming to Westchester. 

    Max & Cora with Tim Miller

    Tim Miller showed us how he drew Moo Moo with simple shapes.  So cool!  Many Westchester students recreated Moo Moo using his technique.

    Miller and Panda

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  • LeUyen (Winnie) Pham

    Posted by Brooke Nation on 1/23/2017

    Winnie Pham

    Thank you Little Shop of Stories and DEF for bringing Winnie Pham to Westchester.  Her enthusiasm for telling and writing stories was evident through her adventures that she kindly shared with students at Westchester.  If you get the awesome chance to meet her, ask her about her first trip to Africa.  I bet our students could have listened to hours of her adventures!    Ms. Pham also graciously took extra time to illustrate pictures for our media center.  We are so lucky!!!


    books signing


    Attentive Audience! Winnie held the attention of all kindergarten, first, second and third-grade students for an hour!




    Emily Q. (K) and Erin E. (2nd) introduced and thanked our guest and, in return, received drawings of themselves by Ms. Winnie!

    Winnie Drawing

    Students also had Ms. Pham draw them as animals!  In this photo, Miles (3rd) is a cheetah and Tali (2nd) is a rabbit.  The student body enjoyed observing how Winnie used personality traits from their classmates to add character to the animals.  We may see this technique in their illustrations.

    Winne and Tali


    (Ms. Pham is looking at Maddy Y's. (3rd) lion and cubs behind the door.)Mrs. Howarth helped students create an art project in the media center!  Mrs. Howarth collaborated with Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Nation on a special art project connect to LeUyen's new book, The Bear Who Wasn't There. Students designed a door using shapes and real door examples and then, drew an animal behind the door.  Each one is unique, and she enjoyed looking at the display.



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  • Sophie Blackall

    Posted by Brooke Nation on 11/17/2016
    Sophie Blackall
    Finding Winnie


    Sophie Blackall came to Westchester Thursday, November 17th.  She shared with us several of her stories that she has illustrated, read Finding Winnie her Caldecott Award Winning book and shared interesting stories with us.  Her illustrations are absolutely captivating.  Ms. Blackall took time to share with us drawing tips and the audience was impressed!  Ask your child about her/his visit today.
    Blackall presentation                 blackall students
    Sophie Blackall, Adlai S. (k) and Andrew P. (1).  Adlai and Andrew introduced Ms. Blackall to their peers.
    Grace and Andrew                   Blackall, Grace, Andrew
    Sophie Blackall signed a copy of her book for Henry S. (K)
    Henry and Blackall
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  • Jackson Pearce

    Posted by Brooke Nation on 9/2/2016

    Jackson Pearce

    Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures


    Jackson Pearce is a local author who writes books for middle grades and advanced elementary readers.  Our second and third graders who are interested in spies or magical creatures.   You will enjoy reading her works of art!


    Pearce Speaking

    Third Grade students stayed a bit later to get more information from Ms. Pearce! They are super eager to read her books.

     Pearce talking to 3rd graders


    Haha!  That story about a rat in Ms. Pearce's backpack is hilarious! In fact, she told us several stories that had all the children actively listening.


    children laughing

    children listening

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  • Adam Rex & Christian Robinson

    Posted by Brooke Nation on 9/2/2016

    Adam Rex & Christian Robinson

    School's First Day of School


    Adam Rex and Christian Robinson visited Westchester Elementary on Friday, September 2nd.  They explained the process to writing and illustrating a children's book.  Kindergarten and first-grade students were great audience members with smart questions for our guests.  They have many budding ideas for future titles of their own picture books.
     Adam & Christian presentation
    students listening                                                Adam & Christian drawing
    Adam, Saleem, Harper (1st graders), & Christian.  Saleem and Harper introduced our visitors Friday afternoon.
    Saleem and Harper with Adam and Christianharper and saleem
    Our visitors are so impressed by our kindergarten student's artwork.  Mrs. Howarth worked with kindergarten kids on crafting schools, similar to A School's First Day of School that resembles Westchester.
    Adam and Christian looking at student artworkAdam and Christian looking at student artwork
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