• We believe that one of our primary purposes is to equip our students with social emotional skills and to help them develop the self-regulation necessary to succeed in life. At our school we use I Love You Rituals and Creating the School Family from Conscious Discipline to help students build deep connections with their teachers and peers. The focus for the first six weeks of school is on creating routines and rituals that help children feel safe and connected. With these foundational social and emotional pieces in place, the class is ready to move forward with learning. 
    We ask parents to participate in supporting children as they begin the new school year by sharing about their families and helping continue with the work of teachers at home. For instance, creating a safe space for your child at home, practicing the breathing techniques we teach, and noticing the positive things your child does will all help bridge home and school. 
    Transitions can create anxiety for children, so it is helpful if families take time to talk about what to expect next. Creating visuals for routines at home, and previewing the day to come are helpful for supporting your child as they start a new classroom. 
    This link will explain how you might use visuals in your home to create safe and comforting structure for your child:
    This article is a good starting point for how to enhance your parenting responses when guiding your child: