• UPDATE: Renfroe Athletics, Activities and Clubs

    RMS and DHS athletics, athletics, activities, and clubs will be moving to the virtual environment. We will be working with coaches and activity sponsors to brainstorm ways to continue building teams and communities through online activities. We are well aware of the mental health benefits of such interactions, especially when they can be done in person, and do not make this decision lightly. Principals are working with their staff to brainstorm additional clubs and activities that we can offer virtually. We will provide details of such opportunities once they are set. At this time, all scheduled athletic events through September 25th are cancelled.  Mr. Thomas, CSD Athletics and Activities Director, will communicate if or when these games or meets will be made up later in the season.  


    Rationale: Virus transmission continues to be an issue in DeKalb County and surrounding areas. Our attempts to safely engage in various in-person activities have gone well, in that we have not had any known virus transmissions, but we have recognized that it is quite challenging for individuals to implement safety protocols with fidelity. Human nature is clearly something that will continue to be a challenge, but with virus levels and transmission in the state they are in our area, continuing with in-person activities is not the responsible course of action.


    It is unfortunate, but we are unable to consistently rely on data and recommendations we receive from government institutions charged with public health because those data and recommendations are being heavily influenced by politics rather than science. We will continue doing our best to distill the often conflicting information provided to us while we attempt to balance the risks of continuing virtually with the risks of meeting in person.


    Timeline: The decision to close and/or go virtual with programs will be re-evaluated by September 18th with the possibility of a different decision being implemented after September 25th.

    There are many extracurricular activities for students at Renfroe Middle School.  Below are descriptions of many of the activities and clubs offered.  These clubs are chaired by faculty members and parents who devote a great deal of their time and creativity to benefit our children.

    These chairs can always use parent volunteers in many capacities. Please consider volunteering for a club or activity this year!

     Students should listen carefully to the Morning Bow Wow to find out more about Clubs and hear reminders about meeting times.


    Coding Club

    Come join us and bring your creative ideas! Code RMS is a fun club for students who have genuine interest in learning to code. No previous coding knowledge needed. Students will select any computer language in which they are interested in learning.

    Wednesdays after school Room 2102

    Renfroe Dance Team

    Mrs. Hudson

    Mrs. Whiteley

    Mrs. Wilson

    Mission statement: Our mission is to create a great love for dance, while helping build self-confidence and respect for dance. We will provide a strong environment for learning dancers and a positive atmosphere for our school.  


    • Become a competitive club for next year. 

    • Make accessible to all grades ( 6th - 8th )

    • Have uniforms or outfits for next year

    • Bring a dance community back to Renfroe


    Times: Thursdays 3:40 - 4:40

    Room number: 1124 for informational meetings

    Future location TBD 

    Engineering Club

    In Engineering club, we will explore tools, equipment, materials and techniques to create a variety of things.  We will also learn how to repair and maintain the equipment in the Design Engineering classroom! 

    1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month starting Sept 4th Room 1201 4:00-5:00

    Dungeons and Dragons 

    Dungeons. Dragons. Play the classic game popularized in the late 70's and 80's.

    Wednesdays after school from 3:45-4:30pm in room 1103. 

    Drama Club

    Walter Magnuson: Theater

    Kate Wilson:Spanish 

    Karen Ehmer: Special Services

    This year Drama Club will be performing several short one act plays in English and Spanish. The Information Meeting 8/14, Auditions 8/21 and all rehearsals will be before school except for the Tech Week rehearsals Dec 9-12 which will be from 4-6pm in advance of the shows Dec 13  @7pm & Dec 14 @ 2pm.  Wednesdays before school Room 1615 

    Geography Bee

    Liz Williams: Georgia History

    Students meet weekly to practice for the National Geographic Bee and just have fun being geonerdy.

    Thursdayas after school until 4:30, beginning 9/5 in Room 1608 

    Girls on the Run/Heart & Sole


    Leslie Joiner and Sarah Coleman ljoiner@csdecatur. net

    Over the course of the ten-week program, girls in 6th-8th grade develop essential skills to help them navigate their worlds and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness. The program culminates with girls increasing their endurance to be physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5K race. Registration begins August 6 and ends August 15. Girls are selected for the program by lottery. There is a fee associated with this program but financial assistance is available on a sliding scale. https://www. girlsontherunatlanta.org/

    Tue/Thur 3:45-5:15 beginning Aug 28th. Room 1203

    6th Grade Reading Cafe

    Casey Boersma cboersma@csdecatur.net 

    Holly Lanford


    We will meet weekly to read and discuss books in order to nominate the RMS Newbery Award Book.

    Meeting times and days Wednesdays from 3:45-4:30


    History Club 

    Discuss historical events not widely discussed in the classroom and enhance topics that have been taught. 

    Members will propose different topics for discussion and then will research their findings to present and discuss at the next meeting. 

    Would love to have outside presenters to share their knowledge.

    Room 2209
    2nd Tuesday of the month
    No Dues/No Restrictions

    Honors Wind



    Christine Kraemer           


    The Honor wind ensemble is an extension of the Band program at Renfroe Middle School.  Students will explore multiple genres of music ranging from Wind Ensemble Literature, 30 – 40’s Big Band Jazz, Rock, Latin, etc.  This ensemble is by invitation and will begin in October.

    Thursday     3:40 – 4:30     times subject to change 

    Junior Beta Club

    Vivian Dawson


    This is a national honor society for grades 5-9. Junior Beta Club promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among students.

    After Oct induction, once per month, TBD

    Poetry Club

    Dawn Bolton


    Renita Walls


    The Poetry Club offers a venue for students/writers to create, listen, and share their work. The group will be exposed to poets from different generations, and meet with guest artists. In Poetry Club students will learn the art of performing Spoken Word, while working with and inspiring each other.

    Thursdays starting September 4 Room 1408

    RMS Technology Ambassadors

    Kim Boswell


    Students who are tech savy can sign up to be a Technology Ambassador. These students meet weekly to share ideas about technology use, and help train students and teachers how to use the technology available to them at school. The students will also have opportunities to learn more about the ever growing changes with technology in the industry.

    Student Help Desk  - we will meet once per week in the morning; media center.

    Sixth Grade Reading Cafe

    Casey Boersma 


    Holly Lanford ]hlanford@csdecatur.net 

    We will meet weekly to read and discuss books in order to nominate the RMS Newbery Award Book

    Teacher contact name and email- Casey Boersma cboersma@csdecatur.net and Holly Lanford hlanford@csdecatur.net


    Meeting location 2211

    Meeting times and days Wednesdays from 3:45-4:30


    Spanish LEGO Stop Motion Animation Club

    Sarah Lee


    This club is for students interested in using LEGO bricks to make short stop motion movies. We will use some Spanish.

    Once per week after school from 3:50 - 4:30 on Wednesdays. Room 2109

    S.T.E.M.C.E.L.L./Lego Robotics Club

    Parent Facilitator: Trish Bricker ttjbricker@hotmail. com

    A student in the S.T.E.M.C.E.L.L. club (Science, Technology,
    Engineering and Math Club to Encourage the Love of Learning) is part of a team that competes with other teams in the First Lego League Challenge. Student teams will design and build a robot, learn to program a robot, and complete a team project based on a real-world scientific topic.


    Student Council

    Students are elected each year by their grade level team. One representative per team is elected after a primary and run off school wide election. Students meet on a regular basis to provide activities based on the following mission: Student voice, Student service, Student spirit.


    Decatur Strings Orchestra Program

    Jessica Daniel


    Nia Schooler


    String players at all levels are invited to join this afterschool orchestra and play a variety of music arranged for orchestras and small group ensembles. Two concerts per year.

    Tuesdays and Wednesday after school 3:50 - 4:45. Room TBD. Participation fee required. Need-based scholarships available.

    Wildlife Club

    Marin Henry mhenry@csdecatur.net

    Amanda Guske aguske@csdecatur.net

    A club for animal lovers to fundraise for wildlife, volunteer, educate the public, and meet other animal- loving friends

    Meeting times: Every other Wednesday after school 3:50-4:20 room 2109

    Restrictions: None 
     Year Book

    Megan Buck mbuck@csdecatur.net

    Creation of the RMS Yearbook through layout/art design, photography, writing, and editing. APPLICATION REQUIRED.


    Young Ladies of Excellence (YLOE)

    YLOE is a social club, which is open to all Renfroe girls.

    Room 2113, 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month, 3: 45-5:00pm


    RMS Aftercare Options

    Project REAL

    Nancy Brune Nancy. brune@decaturga.com On-site Director
    Danielle Perry 404--378-- 1082

    Project REAL ​(​R​ecreation,​ E​nrichment, A​thletics and​ L​earning)​offers a variety of activities and stations, as well as special topical classes, each day after school at RMS. Students can come every day or sign up for certain days of the week. Fridays feature youth-directed activities including Service learning projects, and special events. The full school year is divided into nine 20-school day program sessions. Open to all RMS students, grades 6-8. For general information, go tohttp://www.decaturga.com/index.aspx?page =309​.​$220 per session for residents (20 school days).