• Dear Winnona Park families,

    There are several things you can do at home to help prevent illness and keep everyone feeling healthy. Here

    are some tips to remember:

    • WASH, WASH, WASH YOUR HANDS! This is still the best defense against illness.

    Encourage your children to wash, especially before meals. To ensure they are taking

    enough time to adequately kill germs, have them sing the ABC song while scrubbing.

    • Get plenty of rest. School age children should get 9-11 hours of sleep each night.

    Grownups should try to get eight hours.

    • Drink lots of fluids and eat a balanced diet - especially breakfast! I do see a fair

    number of children with stomachaches and/or headaches due to hunger and dehydration. Please send your child in with a water bottle.

    • Dress appropriately for cold weather. Layers are often best so they can be

    comfortable as the temps rise throughout the day. Even in cool weather, students

    need the exercise and fresh air during recess.

    Unfortunately, even with the best care, a virus can make us sick. Cold symptoms are best relieved

    with rest and fluids. If symptoms are mild, the child is fever-free and has energy to get through the

    day, they are welcome at school. Flu symptoms are usually more severe, rapid in onset and include

    fever, body aches and significant fatigue.

    For detailed information of when to leave your child at home, please see our Sick Policy.

    Thank you for your cooperation,

    Nurse Jen


    Winnona Nurse

    I am Jen Eagle and I am so excited to be starting another year at Winnona Park!  I graduated from NIU with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Before working as a school nurse, I pride myself with having a wide range of nursing expertise for over 20+years.  I started my career in Chicago on the surgical floor and ended in Atlanta working in pediatrics at CHOA. I am most proud of my 4 children (all in CSD) and many times I use not only my valuable nursing knowledge, but my mom expertise in the role as the school nurse.  

    I hope for a healthy, happy and safe school year. I welcome any questions or concerns that you have.  


    Jen Eagle BSN, RN