• College Heights ECLC implements Conscious Discipline, which is a comprehensive self-regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning, and discipline. Conscious Discipline integrates classroom management with social-emotional learning, utilizing everyday events as the curriculum and addressing the adult's emotional intelligence as well as the child's. 

    Conscious Discipline uses 7 skills to transform everyday discipline issues into teachable moments. These moments are our opportunity to teach children the social-emotional and communication skills necessary to manage themselves, resolve conflict, and develop pro-social behaviors. The 7 skills are:

    1. Composure
    2. Encouragement
    3. Assertiveness
    4. Choices
    5. Empathy
    6. Positive Intent
    7. Consequences

    Conscious Discipline was developed by Dr. Becky Bailey. Her philosophy is dedicated to creating positive environments for children, families, schools, and businesses. For more information, please visit Dr. Becky Bailey's website at: https://consciousdiscipline.com/